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The Law Office of Russell Knight is based out of Naples, Florida and serves all of Southwest Florida’s family law needs. We recognize that divorce and other family law issues are a stressful and sensitive situation that requires both expertise and compassion. You don’t just need a divorce lawyer in Naples, Florida, you need someone who recognizes exactly where you are and where you need to be at the end of this process. Call us today to talk about how your family got to the point of divorce and how I can help you have a successful Naples divorce. 

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Free Consultation

Contact our Naples, Florida office for a no-charge, confidential and discrete consultation. Russell Knight will explain where you are at, where you need to be and how you get from here to there.  You’ll finally feel relief knowing there is a plan for your family law matter. 

Trial Experience

Russell Knight and his staff have extensive trial experience. While compassionate negotiation is an important strategy it is not the only strategy. Your Naples family law lawyer should be stepping away from negotiations and pressing your case in front of a judge or magistrate. 


Attorney and Staff Are Spanish Speaking

Russell Knight and his staff are fluent in Spanish. Russell, raised in Canada, is also a French speaking attorney. 

Russell Knight y todo su personal hablan español. Podemos hablar con usted en persona, por teléfono o a través de correspondencia escrita en su idioma natal.  

Naples Florida Divorce & Family Law

Every married person contemplates divorce.  It’s not unusual to imagine your future without your partner. Unfortunately, instead of imagining peace and new opportunities, people simply imagine the divorce process and the parade of horrible possibilities. What if you could ask someone “What will really happen if I get divorced?” and you could get a real, informed answer from someone who cares.
Russell Knight has counseled thousands of people in the last thirteen years as to what they can expect in a divorce or family law matter in Naples, Florida.
Russell Knight clearly and concisely explains a potential client’s right, their spouse’s rights and their children’s rights under Florida’s family law statutes and case law.

Potential clients also receive an immediate and long-term strategy based on Russell Knight’s years of experience, thousands of cases and constant divorce and family law research.

Russell Knight and his staff will ask questions like, “In a perfect world, what kind of schedule would you like for your children? Do you want to stay in the marital home? Do you want to move with your children? What do you imagine your post-divorce life to be like?

At the end of a consultation with Russell Knight, you will finally know the range of possible outcomes in your pending Naples divorce or family law matter. You will know your options as mediation, negotiation and litigation approach.  You will finally know what will happen if you get divorced. 

Law Office of Russell Knight, Naples Family Law Attorney – The reasons why you should hire us


Russell Knight has been licensed to practice law since 2006.  Russell has litigated and settled over a thousand of divorce and family law cases. Creative family law strategies that only experience can teach. 

Client Focused

A firm that keeps the family law and divorce CLIENTS as the primary focus. We will do what YOU need for YOUR case. YOUR best outcome is OUR focus.

Family Comes First

Our office prioritizes the needs of the children first in any family law or divorce matter.  You’ll find that every conversation will begin with the best interests of the children and every conversation will end regarding the best interests of the children. 

Commitment to Value

The billable hour system for divorce and family law lawyers is ripe for misunderstanding and abuse.  With our firm, you’ll find clear, reasonable invoices that reflect our commitment to providing value.

Meet Russell Knight, Naples Family Law Attorney


Naples Divorce Lawyer – Russell Knight


Exclusively works in Divorce, Child Support & Child Custody, Alimony, Division of Assets and Debts. 

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Russell Knight was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.  His family moved to the United States in 1991.

Russell Knight attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and then the University of Illinois College of Law. Russell became a licensed attorney in 2006. 

In 2009, Russell opened a divorce and family law firm in Chicago which is now a premier divorce and family law firm in America’s third largest city, Chicago, handling hundreds of cases a year.

Russell’s focus is now on his Naples, Florida practice while still using his Chicago experience and the energetic and experienced Chicago staff who work remotely on Naples, Florida cases.

Russell loves family law and writes 1000+ word essays about family law on both his Chicago and Naples websites. 


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“I have a strange situation with my driver’s license, and sought advice on how to best handle it. I reached out to a handful of lawyers, virtually ALL of whom brushed me off and essentially told me to just deal with it. All except Russell Knight, that is. He gave me a concrete starting point, took the time to answer all of my questions, and was honest and forthcoming. What more could you ask for in a lawyer?”
~ M. C. Chicago



“I wish i called sooner. Russel did an outstanding job and got through my case so quickly. He was very responsive. Just give him a call or shoot him a message and he will accommodate you. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I have recommended him to close friends and clients as well. Nothing but good things thank you so much! Ps- free. Consultation and he speaks Spanish too!”
~ Louise F. Chicago



“Unfortunately I have had to deal with many attorneys over the years. Russell is honest, knowledgeable, experienced, responsible, responsive and aggressive (which is something you definitely want in a lawyer). He gets the job done quickly and unlike many of his colleagues, his fees are reasonable and he doesn’t “work the clock.” I have been recommending him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.”
~ Sonya S. Chicago

Divorce & Family Law in Naples Is What We Do

Family Law refers to Florida law, rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit when that unit comes under the purview of the courts.

These laws, rules, regulations and procedures cover everything from who gets to visit children to how a privately held business gets valued and divided.

These determinations must be made, negotiated in the clients favor and, failing that, proven in a Florida court of law.

This requires a body of family law knowledge that is both broad and deep.

Russell Knight’s has years of experience, thousands of past clients and near obsession with family law.

Put your family in the hands of someone who values your family as it exists now and will exist in the future.

Put your family and your family’s future in our firm’s hands. 

How We Charge For A Naples, Florida Family Law Matter

Beyond the anxiety of losing parenting time, assets or alimony is the fear of an attorney’s bill. 

Russell Knight and his team are committed to providing real value to their clients and our invoices will reflect that value. 

There are always upwards of 5 people on staff in our offices in Naples, Florida and Chicago, Illinois.  The majority of the staff are college educated professionals in Chicago, Illinois and, therefore, most of the work happens in Chicago. 

You will be assigned a paralegal who will do the bulk of the work in your case in order to reduce fees, increase efficiency and provide immediate feedback. 

The rates are as follows

$ 385 an hour for Russell Knight.
$ 300 an hour for associate attorneys or co-counsels.
$ 125 an hour for paralegals

These labor rates are accounted for on a six minute basis and are explicitly explained within the invoices that are distributed on a monthly basis. 

Child Support in Florida is determined by a multitude of statutes. The first step in determining child support in Florida is determining whether the non-primary parent has substantial or non-substantial parenting time with the child.
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In a Florida divorce, a couples’ assets and liabilities will be totaled and categorized as either being marital or non-marital. Once property is identified as marital the courts will find that, upon divorce, the property should be divided equally.
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