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Divorce and inheritance in Florida

Inheritance and Divorce in Florida

A married couple will rarely receive an inheritance together.  More typically, one spouse will receive an inheritance via a bequest individually, i.e. “to my loving daughter”  What happens to this inherited property after a Florida divorce? Marital Property vs. Non-Marital Property in Florida  The Florida statutes

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Adultery and Divorce in Collier County, Florida

How Does Adultery Affect My Naples, Florida Divorce?

Adultery and Divorce unfortunately often go together in a Florida divorce. In the old days of Florida’s past, proof of adultery both allowed for a divorce and barred the adulterer from ever requesting alimony.  Presumably, the courts exercised broad discretion back then and punished adulterers by

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Age and Divorce in Collier County

How Does My Age Affect My Naples, Florida Divorce?

Elderly or grey divorces are becoming more and more common. Age can be a factor in Florida divorces insofar as it impacts alimony. In Florida people over age 65 have an extra right to speedy trial (for presumably morbid reasons).  “Civil actions involving elderly parties; speedy trial.—In

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Alimony length in Collier County

How Long Does Alimony Last In A Naples, Florida Divorce?

The primary factor that Florida courts consider in determining the length of an alimony award is the length of the marriage. “For purposes of determining alimony, there is a rebuttable presumption that a short-term marriage is a marriage having a duration of less than 7 years,

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