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Motion For Child Support In Florida

Temporary Child Support In A Florida Divorce

When two parents get divorced in Florida, one parent inevitably leaves the house and the kids. Those kids still need food, clothing and shelter. The parent who has left has an obligation to support their children. The parent who has the kids does not need to

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child support in collier county, florida

How Does Child Support Work in Naples, Florida?

Whether you are in the midst of divorce or were never married, Florida state law controls how child support works in Naples, Florida.  Florida Statute Section 61.13(1) allows the court to enter child support orders and provides some guidelines of what child support orders must include. The

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What Is Discovery In A Naples, Florida Divorce?

When discussing discovery in a Florida divorce we use the term “discovery” to describe the exchange of documents necessary for the parties in a case to be fully informed as to all the relevant facts in the case.  In a Florida divorce, the exchange of documents

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permanent alimony in Collier County

In Naples, Florida, Is Permanent Alimony Really Permanent?

In a Florida divorce, permanent alimony is a fixed, recurring payment that lasts indefinitely. Permanent alimony can only be changed via 1) death of either party, 2) remarriage of the alimony-receiver or 3) after a court decision that alimony should be modified based on a substantial

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Bankruptcy and Divorce in Collier County, FL

How Does A Bankruptcy Effect A Naples, FL Divorce?

If you or your spouse have filed for bankruptcy and then you or your spouse file for divorce in Naples, Collier County, Florida, you’ll need to know how each action affects the other.  This is also true if the divorce is filed first and then the

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Parenting Alone In Naples, FL # 28: Shopping

This is the number 28 in my series of articles about where you can take your children as single parents. During your divorce or separation, you will have your children for a few days and you may need to complete a couple of errands but will

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