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Florida family law civil procedure

The Florida Divorce Court Process From Start To Finish

While most of my previous articles describe how Florida law is applied in a divorce case.  It is very difficult to describe accurately how the law is applied and when.  Below, I outline the entire Florida divorce court process in summary.  The actual Florida Family Law Rules

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Florida common law marriage

Common Law Marriage in Florida

Florida used to be a big, rural and empty state.  Folks would propose, have a little ceremony and just start living together.  Not everyone would go down to the courthouse to register their marriage.  These relationships were referred to as common law marriages in Florida.  Common

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child support in collier county, florida

How Does Child Support Work in Naples, Florida?

Whether you are in the midst of divorce or were never married, Florida state law controls how child support works in Naples, Florida.  Florida Statute Section 61.13(1) allows the court to enter child support orders and provides some guidelines of what child support orders must include. The

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Can I see my husband or wife's text messages

Can My Husband Or Wife See My Text Messages?

A million questions swirl in the mind of the soon to be divorced. What will happen to my kids? What will happen to my retirement money? And, perhaps more immediately, can my husband or wife see my text messages? What Are Text Messages? At the time of this writing,

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How Do You Get Legally Separated In Naples, Florida?

How do you get legally separated in Florida? In short, you cannot get legally separated in Florida.  Some states have a special legal status called “legal separation” but Florida does not.  Separation in Florida simply means a married couple that does not live in the same

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Florida law regarding college expenss after divorce

Who Pays For College Expenses In A Florida Divorce?

Raising kids is expensive.  Daycare can often cost more than a mortgage but it’s nothing compared to the expense of putting a child through college.  Usually families sit around the kitchen table and figure out how they’re going to pay for college where mom, dad and

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