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Motion For Child Support In Florida

Temporary Child Support In A Florida Divorce

When two parents get divorced in Florida, one parent inevitably leaves the house and the kids. Those kids still need food, clothing and shelter. The parent who has left has an obligation to support their children. The parent who has the kids does not need to

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Child support after age 18 in Florida

Florida Child Support After Age 18

Child support is money owed by one parent to the other parent for the purpose of supporting the child that the other parent is caring for. “In a proceeding under this chapter [DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE; SUPPORT; TIME-SHARING], the court may at any time order either or

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Temporary Alimony In Florida

Temporary Alimony In A Florida Divorce

When a divorce is filed in Florida, one party usually moves away. One household becomes two households. But, there is usually only one or two incomes available to support those two households. If one spouse was making the majority of the income, this means that the

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Prenuptial Agreement Florida

Enforcing or Breaking a Prenuptial Agreement in Florida

The Florida Statute Chapter 61 governs divorce.  The Florida statute says what property gets divided and how in a Florida divorce.  The statute also says who pays who and what amount.  You don’t have to follow the Florida statute, though, if you’ve entered into a prenuptial

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Legal Resources

Often times I am asked for a referral for lawyers out of state.  Because of this, I collect a list of reputable lawyers I know of.  If you’re a lawyer who’d like to be included on this list, please let me know. Chicago Bankruptcy  Attorney Denver Probate

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