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Change Parenting Time in Florida

How Do I Modify Child Custody in Naples, Florida?

A Florida court initially awards child custody based on the agreement of the parties and/or the best interest interests of the child.  The appropriate court for a child living in Naples, Florida will be the Collier County courthouse. After the final custody order is entered, the

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Parenting time in Naples, Florida

How Does Visitation Work In Naples, Florida?

In years past, visitation was the term Florida law used to describe the time spent with the parent who was not awarded custody. Since 2008, there is no “visitation” in Florida’s domestic relations law.  The new law instead calls visitation “parenting time” which is both a

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grandparent time with grandchildren

What Are Grandparents’ Rights In Naples, Florida?

What are a Grandparent’s rights in Florida? For hundreds of thousands of years, children have relationships with other adults beyond their immediate parents: aunts, uncles, close friends and, of course, grandparents. Often grandparents become a “third parent” or more sadly the “second parent” if one parent

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