Russell Knight is the real deal and whole package as far as attorneys go. With his experience and knowledge of Family Law, along with his genuine caring and concern of my case especially with kids involved, Russell Knight kept me strong during my visitation fight and maintained that bright light at the end of the tunnel which eventually turned out to be the sun! Forever thankful and grateful for one of the truly good guys!

Jeff B, Chicago

Counselor Knight helped me with my citizenship/naturalization problems that took longer than the usual wait time. Coming from 2 other immigration lawyers who were too negative, I was glad to find Attorney Knight through yelp. My first consultation was even free and that was surprising after paying those lawyers I previously saw. He also explained to us thoroughly what he plans to do, gave us his honest opinion about what to expect and the most important thing we saw and REALLY liked about him that the other 2 lawyers did not have was his being OPTIMISTIC, level-headed and well grounded. That’s why my husband and I decided to retain him. His staff like Ms. Emily White – his associate attorney, was also very helpful in making sure to always keep us informed about some forms and responses they get from USCIS. On the day of my interview after a long wait, Mr. Knight showed up on time and like what I previously mentioned, appeared very optimistic, which helped me a lot in calming my nerves. I’m now waiting for the letter containing the schedule of my oath taking, Thanks to Mr. Knight! He is the BEST!!!! I would highly recommend him in a heartbeat!

Buzz And Poxie C, Chicago

Mr. Knight represented me for my prenup and subsequent divorce case.  The prenup was smooth sailing.  The divorce was a complete pain, though my ex was essentially unresponsive.  We went to court five times, and Mr. Knight described the events as Kafkaesque!  He carefully counseled me about what was happening, why (although sometimes family court is a mystery), and next steps.  He foresaw a major potential pitfall, which we were able avoid, thanks to his knowledge.

Mr. Knight was even able to gracefully navigate my ex barging into his office and acting completely crazy.  His fee and this review honestly aren’t enough to compensate him for all the trouble… I should probably wash his car or bake the poor man some muffins or something.

Christine T, Chicago

Unfortunately I have had to deal with many attorneys over the years. Russell is honest, knowledgeable, experienced, responsible, responsive and aggressive (which is something you definitely want in a lawyer). He gets the job done quickly and unlike many of his colleagues, his fees are reasonable and he doesn’t “work the clock.” I have been recommending him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.

Sonya S, Chicago

I couldn’t ask for a better team to help me. Mr. Russell Knight was caring, patient and professional each step of the way. Outstanding work ethic demonstrated throughout the process and a very satisfying final outcome. If you’re looking for a firm that treats its clients with the utmost respect and care then I highly recommend Law Office of Russell D. Knight.

Pina P, Chicago

I  wish i called sooner. Russel did an outstanding job and got through my case so quickly. He was very responsive. Just give him a call or shoot him a message and he will accommodate you. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I have recommended him to close friends and clients as well. Nothing but good things thank you so much!  Ps- free. Consultation and he speaks Spanish too!

Louise F, Chicago