Parenting Alone in Naples, FL # 32: The Fair

Last updated on April 10, 2022

This is number 32 in my series of articles about places to take your kids if you are parenting alone in Naples, Florida.  Whether you are divorced or separated your children will always be your priority and greatest joy.  This means finding fun things to do with your children while you are exercising your parenting time. No one ever remembered a day they spent inside playing video games.

Florida is famous for amusement park attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.  Unfortunately, those are all located in the center of the state at least a three hour drive from Naples, Florida.  Thankfully, for two weeks a year, The Collier County Fair is open for business.

The Collier County Fair Grounds are located in Orangetree just off of Immokalee Road.

In states to the North, a county fair is typically held in the summer time.  Collier County’s fair has the good sense to be scheduled during mid-March when the weather is perfect in Southwest Florida.  Going to the fair is a nice, safe wholesome way to spend an evening or a weekend day with kids.

To enter the Collier County Fair there is an admission charge as follows

Adult (12 Years & Older) – $10.00 per Person

Kids (6-11 Years) – $5.00 per Person

5 Years & Under – FREE

The county fair has a variety of rides and exhibits where tickets must be purchased and then each ride costs a certain number of tickets.  You can bypass the ticket system, however, if you purchase the Megapass for $ 28 per individual. Note: the Megapass price varies based on the date of attendance (but usually not by more than $ 10)

The usual rides of ferris wheels, zippers, haunted houses, etc are all available. Please be advised that many of the rides have height restrictions so smaller children may not be able to go on those rides.  This becomes a problem especially when older siblings are allowed to enjoy a ride a younger sibling is not.  I strongly suggest you discuss this possibility with your children in advance.

Food is available as well with the usual selection of funnel cakes and hotdogs.  There is also a beer tent where you can sit in the shade.

In the grand tradition of county fairs there is also a livestock display of breeding animals.  To the average child, this is essentially a zoo of farm animals.

There is a Family Living/Education Building which houses all of the local entries in the competition. You will see all of the quilts, preserves, cakes, pies, cookies, canned goods, and a vast display of most any products that are homemade by Collier County residents.

There is now a STeAM (Science, Technology, Arts and Math) pavilion where you can assemble LEGO, view a 3D printer demonstration, watch a Makelangelo drawing robot draw different designs and images, and play with an augmented reality sandbox.

Every day has a different special event usually related to the livestock or whomever is sponsoring the collier county fair that day.

The Collier County Fairgrounds are located just 19 miles from my Naples, Florida law office.  Driving directions are included below.

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