Parenting Alone in Naples, Florida # 11: Inplay Family Fun.

Last updated on April 10, 2022

This is number 11 in my series of articles about places to take your children when you have them alone.  You may be divorced, separated or just have the kids for the weekend.  The important thing is that you have an activity scheduled.  No memories were ever made by kids staying at home, playing video games and watching television. I’m not just a lawyer, I’m also a dad.

I’ve already discussed two other indoor play places in the Naples area.  The newest indoor play place services southeast Naples.  Indoor Family Fun is located at 4035 Santa Barbara Blvd, Naples, FL 34104 in the Countryside Shops shopping center.

This place is big! It has an indoor climbing structure that is three stories tall and 1400 square feet large.  There’s a wave slide, obstacle maze, cushion climb, punch bags, spiral slide, tubes to crawl through, small double slide, “u” chair swing. Your kids will get lots of exercise while enjoying a cool indoor environment.

There’s also an interactive floor where 30 different games get projected onto the floor and kids interact with the games by running over the projection.

Pop shot basketball and cornhole are also available.

Free wifi is available for parents who need to work while they watch their children.

Outside food is not welcome in the play area but food is welcome in the reception area.  Feel free to order in.

Like all play places, there are no shoes and socks are required for both children and adults in the play area.

The hours for Inplay Family Fun are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Pricing for Inplay Family Fun is as follows:

Open Play-daily

$13 for the first child
$10 for each additional sibling or friend

Play Pass

Passes can be bought in bulk for a discount.  $ 90 for 10 passes and $ 50 for 5 passes.

Monthly Membership

$40 a month for the first child.
Add $25 for a second child.
Add $20 for each additional child.

If you need a place to take a child at least more than once a week, this is an amazing deal.  Preschools usually only last until the early afternoon.   I would think that every parent who had a child in preschool would want to take that child to an indoor play place afterwards to burn off the last of the child’s energy and squeeze out an extra hour of work on wifi for the parent.

As always, indoor play places are always happy to host children’s birthday parties.

Inplay Family Fun hosts birthday parties by the hour.  $ 150/hour plus tax with a two hour minimum and a maximum of 12 kids.  Every additional child is $ 14.

Additional birthday purchases can include: Table covers, plates, napkins and balloons in your choice of basic colors $12, Large Cheese or one topping Pizza $12, Cupcakes $1/each, ¼ sheet cake $25 (larger sizes available upon request), Beverage Tub $10 (12 mini water &/or 12 juice boxes or 12 16.9 oz bottles) and Socks for guests $1/pair.

Inplay Family Fun also hosts daily activities. Check their website to find out what activities are available this week.  Monday Afternoons have age appropriate tumbling/dancing lessons.  Wednesday afternoons host art classes.  Inplay Family Fun is also starting a scheduled parents night out.

Inplay Family Fun is located just six miles from my Naples, Florida law office. Directions below:

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