This is number 33 in my series of articles where I focus on kid-friendly activities in a not-so-kid-friendly town, Naples, Florida.  If you are divorced, separated or just have the kids for the day, I hope these articles can be a handy, informative list of things to do with kids in Southwest Florida.

The weather in Southwest Florida is amazing so the temptation is always to do something outdoors.  But, an outdoor activity can mean kids and adults can become extremely sweaty and uncomfortable (especially in the hot Florida summers). So, a constrained outdoor activity might be the best choice.

Mini-golf makes for a great outdoor activity where you won’t sweat through your shirt, lose track of your children or embarrass yourself athletically.

In Naples, Florida proper there is only one location you can mini golf (this says a lot about real estate prices and kids in this town). Coral Cay Adventure Golf is located just off of the Tamiami trail southeast of downtown Naples at 2205 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112

For a Naples, Florida kid’s activity, Coral Cay Adventure Golf is extremely affordable. Prices are below:

For 18 holes of mini golf

Children (4 & under) . . . $3.50
Juniors (5-11) . . . $9.00
Teens & Adults (12-61) . . . $10.00
Seniors (62 and up) . . . $9.00

But there are more than just 18 holes at Coral Cay Adventure Golf.  There are actually 36.  If you want to play all 36 holes (which is a lot) just add $ 4.00 to each of the prices above.

Coral Cay Adventure Golf is also one of the most affordable birthday party venues in Naples, Florida with a cost of just $ 10 per child including the cake, drinks, plates, cups, etc.

Coral Cay Adventure is open at 10 AM and closes at 11PM.  A quick 18 holes can be a great way to unwind from a lunch or to cap off a trip to the movies.

There is more mini-golf to the north of Naples.  Golf Safari is located off of Bonita Beach Road and has a jungle theme.  There are various kid-friendly pizza places nearby for a post-mini golf meal.

Golf Safari’s rates are:

Ages 13+ …$ 11.49

Ages 4-12…$10.49

Ages 3 and under…Free

Ages 55 plus….$ 10.49

Not to be outdone in the jungle-themed mini golf business is Congo River Golf further north on the Tamiami trail in Bonita Springs.  This place really has it all: an arcade, gator feedings, gem mining in waterfalls and scavenger hunts.

Congo River is a little more expensive than Coral Cay, though.

Ages 10+ . . . $13,99

Ages 9 and under . . . $ 12.49

One child 4 and under . . .  Free

Congo River’s birthday party package is also a little more pricey with the most affordable birthday package being $99.99 for the first six guests and $12.49 each additional guest.

Fort Myers has a few more mini golf locations within a short drive from Naples Florida that you can also check out.  Further up Florida’s west coast there are even more.

Mini-golf is just a great activity for those early evenings when you have to do something outside and active but you’re also still feeling a little tired.

Coral Cay Adventure Golf is just 7 miles from my Naples, Florida family law office.  Directions are below.