Parenting In Naples # 2. Cambier Park.

Last updated on April 10, 2022
Parenting In Naples Florida Cambier Park

This is the second installment in my series of suggestions for parents who are now parenting without a partner.

Parenting is hard and it’s even harder when you’re doing it alone. So, I’ve prepared an in-depth list of activities the Naples, Florida parent can do with their kids so everyone can have an active and meaningful day.  Your divorce, whether it is pending or finalized will open up new chapters for you as a person and your role as a parent.  I hope these articles can be even of the smallest help in your journey.

We all know the center of Naples, Florida is 5th avenue with its shops and restaurants but, realistically, none of these shops cater to kids and I doubt any of the restaurants there even have a children’s menu.

Luckily, just a block south of 5th avenue is Cambier Park.  Cambier park has a great fenced-in playground for kids that even includes water misters for those hot Naples days.  This play ground is divided in two parts for bigger and littler kids.  Exercise stations circle the playground so you can get a work-out while your children play (your kids will use these, too).  There’s even a “Little Free Library” where you can take or give a book as you please.

There is shuffle board, tennis courts, bocce courts and a softball field.

Tennis is a great sport for you and your child because you don’t have to play competitively.  You can literally just hit the ball back and forth which a child of almost any age can do.  The smaller the child is, you just use less of the court to accommodate him or her.  The only equipment you need are two racquets and some tennis balls.

Shuffle board is also a sport for all ages.   There are usually shuffleboard cues and disks available.

Bocce ball is probably for bigger kids but it’s still a sport a beginner can jump into.

Of course, like all activities with a child, their attention will only hold for so long so after 15 minutes of Tennis, your child can go back to the Cambier park playground.

There is a bandshell at Cambier park where concerts and movies are regularly scheduled.  You’ll need to bring your own chair and/or picnic blanket to these events.

During season the north side of the park does become occupied by big non-kid events like wine and art festivals but the playground, tennis courts and bocce courts will still be available.

Almost all of Cambier Park is covered with massive trees so that you almost always be in the shade (which is necessary during a Naples, Florida summer).  There are also covered picnic tables available.

There are countless statues and other items that make for a great backdrop for a family photo opportunity.

After a few hours at the park, you can walk a block to 5th avenue and enjoy an ice cream at Regina’s Ice Cream Pavillion.

Parking is free and conveniently located at a multi-tiered lot the Northeast of Cambier park.

Cambier park’s official address is 755 8th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102 just 8 miles from my Naples, Florida family law office.  I’ve attached a map below.

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