Parenting In Naples, FL Alone # 27: Headpinz

Last updated on April 10, 2022
Post-divorce activities

This is number 27 in my series of articles on places where you can take your children when you are a single parent. If you’re divorced or separated, being a parent can be a challenge. I hope that this article can bring you a day full of activities that make life a little less challenging and a little more rewarding.

HeadPinz is an entertainment center for bowling and other activities such as a ropes course and laser tag! There are 3 different locations, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples. The Naples locations is just off Radio Road.

Bowling is a nice group activity you can do with kids until they eventually do what they really want: laser tag and video games.

Laser tag is conducted in a 2-story glow in the dark arena. Headpinz’ game zone has over 40 premier video games.

At Headpinz, you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with your children. The cost of the activities offered here vary depending on the day and time you decide to visit.

  1. Bowling
    • From Monday to Friday before 5 pm, it costs $22 per hour and bowling lane.
    • After 5 pm in the afternoon on Fridays until 5 in the afternoon on Sunday, it costs $30 per hour and bowling lane.
    • From Sunday to Thursday after 5 pm in the afternoon, it costs $28 per hour and per bowling lane.
  2. Laser Tag
    • Laser tag costs $9 per person for a session of fifteen minutes.
  3. Virtual Reality
    • In the Naples location, the virtual reality activity costs $9 per staff for a fifteen-minute session

*All prices per lane include up to six people and bowling shoes can be rented for $4 per person*

The indoor playgrounds are not only good for a day of activities with your child, but they are also ideal places to organize birthday parties. What better place to have your children’s next birthday than at Headpinz!

They offer three different packages to organize your party:

  1. Awesome Party (minimum of 10 guests)
    1. This package includes:
      1. One hour of bowling
      2. A session of “laser tag” or a session of the string track
      3. A $5 game zone card
      4. The cost of this package from Monday to Thursday is $21.99 and Friday through Sunday is $25.99
  1. Super Attractions Party (minimum of 10 guests)
    1. This package includes:
      1. A private room for the party
      2. A session of “laser tag”
      3. A session of the string track
      4. A $10 game zone card
      5. The cost from Monday to Thursday is $16.99 and Friday to Sunday is $21.99
  1. Bowling Bash Party (minimum of 10 guests)
    1. This package includes:
      1. One hour of bowling (includes shoes)
      2. A $5 game zone card
      3. The cost of this package from Monday to Thursday is $16.99 and Friday to Sunday is $21.99

 *All prices are per person* 

All the packages include paper plates, tablecloths, napkins, glasses and plastic ware. It also includes your choice of cheese pizza (2 slices per guest), hot dogs and fries, or chicken tenders and fries. Along with that you get a party ambassador, LED glow light atmosphere, and best of all you don’t have to worry about setting up or cleaning after your event!

Headpinz is located at 8525 Radio Ln, Naples, FL 34104 only eight miles away from my family law office in Naples, Florida. Directions below:

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