Parenting In Naples, Florida # 1: Sun N’ Fun

Last updated on April 10, 2022
Naples, Florida waterpark

Parenting in Naples, Florida is a series I’m starting to suggest things to do with kids that one parent can do with them.  Whether you’re separated, going through a divorce or divorced it can be a challenge to be as active as you should with your children as you learn to parent without a partner.

Naples, Florida is a weird and wonderful place for kids.

The good:

  • Naples is extremely safe.  You already know this. It’s part of why you live here.
  • You can almost always be outside.  Again, Naples has wonderful weather.
  • There are lots of outdoor activities.

The bad:

  • It is HOT in the summertime. This seems to depend on the person as it doesn’t bother me but I understand people who don’t want to go outside at noon between May and October.  Collier County is the only subtropical climate in the continental US.
  • There are no basements in Naples, Florida to shoo kids away into.  I feel like I spent half the year in the basement when I was kid in Canada.
  • Naples is expensive.

Most of the kid activities in Naples are available in North Naples where most of the new communities are located.  One of those activity locations is Sun N’ Fun water park.  If you are a parent who had to move out to an apartment or condo that does not have a pool or a clubhouse, Sun N’ Fun water park is the perfect answer.

Sun N’ Fun is owned by the county so Collier County residents get a discounted entrance fee of $ 11 per person above 48 inches (4 feet).

A family can buy a pass for $ 195 for the year if they are Collier county residents.

Sun N’ Fun features numerous pools, a lazy river and several waterslides.  There is lots to do without being so big that you could lose a child.  More importantly, the facility is securely gated so your child cannot leave the facility without you.

The only odd thing about Sun N’ Fun is when it is open.

May 28th through August 13 Sun N’ Fun is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm.

Then in September, it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Then in October and November, Sun N’ Fun is closed.

December 29th through January 3rd, Sun N’ Fun is open (except for the actual holiday days)

Starting February 18 through May, Sun N’ Fun is open on Saturdays and Sundays in the middle of “the season”

There are the standard pool concessions at Sun N’ Fun so you can eat lunch there.  Otherwise, just north of Sun N’ Fun, there are numerous restaurants on Immokalee that kids would enjoy.

When you’re exercising your parenting time you should do one thing a day that’s physical.  The kids need it and you need the kids to be a little worn out.  Sun N’ Fun is a safe, affordable way for you to show your kids a good time even in the heat of the Florida summer.

Sun N’ Fun is located at 1500 Livingston Road, Naples, FL 34109 just six miles from my office 

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