Parenting Alone in Naples, FL # 25: Estero River Outfitters

Last updated on April 10, 2022
Places to go with kids post-divorce in Naples, FL

This is the 25th in the series of how to parent alone in Naples, Florida. Whether you are divorced or separated, it can be a challenge to parent alone. Therefore, I hope this article will bring you a day of fun, nature-filled adventures with your child. I don’t think I know a child that doesn’t have a great time interacting with water, whether it’s a pool, beach, or a river.

Estero River Outfitters is a family owned business that provides rentals for activities to be done on the river or off the river. The different equipment they offer include paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes. In Southwest Florida we have so many great water environments like beaches, lakes and rivers. Teaching your children about the different activities that they can participate in on a river is very important in developing comfort and familiarity with all the water environments.

Taking your child on adventures like this can enhance their knowledge about the earth and its different features.  Additionally, getting on the river is a physical activity. This can be a day to get both yours and your child’s physical strength working!

The services that Estero River Outfitters offers can help you introduce your children to an experience that they may have never had before. Whether it is for a weekend or a couple of hours they are there to help you out. Their prices range whether you will be doing the activities on the river or off. They also vary depending on of the duration of the rental and if there are any extras you may want to add.

Prices on the river are as follows:
Paddle boards (per person):
– 2 hours: $35
– 3 hours: $45
– 4 hours: $55
– ALL DAY (until 5pm): $65
Kayaks (2-hour rental period):
– Recreational less than 13’: $17.50
– Recreational over 13’: $22.50
Canoes (2-hour rental period):
– 16’ (2 people): $22.50
– 17’ (2 people): $27.50

Prices off the river are as follows:
Kayaks (4-day minimum rental period):
– Recreational less than 13’: $22.50
– Recreational over 13’: $27.50
Kayaks (24-hour rental period):
– Recreational less than 13’: $45.00
– Recreational over 13’: $55.00
Canoes (4-day minimum rental period):
– 16’ (2 people): $27.50
– 17’ (2 people): $32.50
Canoes (24-hour rental period):
– 16’ (2 people): $55.00
– 17’ (2 people): $65.00

*Prices vary depending on the number of people, extras, and the duration of the rental*

Estero River Outfitters also offers lessons that you may be interested in before taking your children on these activities. Their instructors are from the American Canoe Association.

A couple of things to keep in mind before going on this adventure is to get a swim shirt to worry less about sunburns, but still keep the sunblock close. Aqua socks and floating devices may also be some things to consider. Also, making sure you bring a lot of fluids to help with the weather if it is a hot day.

The equipment Estero River Outfitters offers can provide your child with familiarity with water, enhance their physical strength, and introduce them to a fun, new experience. This is the kind of activity you and  your kids will be glad you engaged in after the fact.

Estero River Outfitters is located 20991 South Tamiami Trail, Estero, FL 33928 right next the Koreshan State Park.  That’s just 18.5 miles away from my family law office in Naples, Florida.  Directions below:

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