Parenting Alone In Naples, Florida # 20: Ice Cream

Last updated on April 10, 2022

This is # 20 in my series of articles about the various locations you can take your children while parenting alone.  Whether you are divorced, separated or just have your kids alone for the day you will need to get out of the house even for a simple thing like getting ice cream with your kids.

Naples, Florida is hot! When Naples, Florida is not hot, it’s perfect.  Either temperature is a great time to get an ice cream with your kids.  Ice cream is the perfect reward, bribe or way to pass a half hour with some kids.

  1. Belgian Yummies

Belgian Yummies is located at 2378 Immokalee Road in North Naples within the Greentree shopping center.  Decadent ice cream is served in waffle cones by, who else, the Belgian owners. Their specialty, however, is serving ice cream on rich, thick Belgian waffles.  They are open daily from noon until 10 PM.

  1. Royal Scoop

Royal Scoop is a chain throughout the Naples/Ft. Myers area.  In Naples, they have locations in North Naples, East Naples and Golden Gate.  The North Naples location is located within the Mercato shopping plaza.  An ice cream is a great treat before or after watching a movie at Silverspot cinemas in Mercato.

  1. Yogurbella

Yogurbella is also located within the Mercato shopping center.  Sometimes Ice Cream sounds heavy and a frozen yogurt sounds better than an ice cream.  Or, frozen yogurt places let you put almost unlimited toppings on your frozen yogurt.  Either way, it’s nice to have two options for a frozen treat at Mercato.

  1. Michoacana Ice Cream

All the ice cream places I’ve mentioned so far are near North Naples (where most of the kids live).  There is one ice cream I recommend that’s in Southeast Naples, Michoacana Ice Cream.  Located at 11520 Tamiami Trail, East Naples, the Michoacana Ice  I speak Spanish fluently and have enjoyed Mexican Ice Cream for years.  The real Mexican ice cream specialty are the real fruit popsicles known as paletas.  If you’re not up for the best popsicle of your life, all of the ice creams here are made in store.   You don’t need to speak Spanish to order a paleta here..but it doesn’t hurt.

  1. M & M Cafe

Sometimes, as a grown up, you don’t want ice cream even when the kids do.  M & M Café focuses on ice cream but has other foods available.  Also, it’s in the Tin City shopping complex where you can buy some gifts.  Nearby is Cambier Park where the kids can play after the ice cream.

  1. Beach Box Café

Do you or your kids really care about the quality of the ice cream at the end of the day?  Or do you want to share a moment?  My best recommendation is to go to the Beach Box Café and get some ice creams to go.  Wander on down to Vanderbilt Beach and enjoy the sunset while you enjoy the ice cream.

Beach Box Café is 7 miles away from my Naples, Florida family law office.  Directions below:

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