Parenting Alone in Naples, FL # 29: Eagles Lakes Community Park

Last updated on April 10, 2022
Places to take kids when you have them for the weekend in Naples, Florida

This is number 29 in my series of articles about places to take your children when you are parenting alone in Naples, Florida.  Whether you’ve been divorced or you are separated, if you have children, you will always remain a parent.  Being a parent means having lots of activities scheduled for the times when you are allocated time with your children. It doesn’t take  much to fill a day with memories.  Just a little planning. So, I help these articles become a resource for you and your Collier County, Florida family.

Naples, Florida is not a particularly child-friendly city.  What’s worse, the further south you go in Naples, the less kids and kid-friendly venues there are.  One exception to this rule is Eagles Lakes Community Park located just off of the Tamiami Trail as it winds east past East Naples.

Eagles Lakes Community Park’s biggest focus for kids is their aquatic center. If you haven’t heard of this aquatic center, that’s because it’s new.  Neapolitans no longer need to drive to North Naples Sun N’ Fun to enjoy a water park.

Eagles Lakes Community Park has two massive water slides for kids, a 25 yard long pool, a one meter diving spring board and a three meter diving spring board (this is high).

As for the water slides, there is one thing you need to know that is not on their website: there is a height minimum of 48 inches (4 feet).  You do not want to disappoint your younger and shorter children by letting them discovery they cannot go on the water slides.

In addition to the main attractions at the pool (slides and diving boards), there is a baby wading pool, a lap pool, a splash pad.  All of these water attractions are supervised by life guards.

Outside of the pool, almost everything is shaded.  You can conveniently rent a locker to keep your non-swim items (car keys, etc).

The aquatic center is a great idea for an activity on a hot day.  Additionally, it’s not a tourist location so this is a great place to go when other popular locations like the beaches get crowded during tourist season.

It’s a pool, so the hours are typical daytime hours: Monday through Friday:  10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and
Saturday through Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m

The entrance fee to use the aquatic facility is nominal.  There is not a better bargain in Naples, Florida.

Under 3              Free
Youth 3 – 17       $1.50
Adults 18 +        $2.00
Seniors 60+       $1.50
Veterans            $1.50

Outside of the pool, there is a fitness center located at Eagles Lakes Community Park.  Working out together is a great idea for parents and teenage kids but probably isn’t feasible for small kids.

There are lots of trails and bike paths throughout the park that take you to the various soccer field, basketball courts, playgrounds and picnic tables.

A great activity to share with kids in Naples, Florida is bird watching.  Eagles Lakes Community Park has an osprey nest which is always occupied with osprey.

The non-aquatic portions of Eagles Lakes Community Park are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.  and are typically lighted after the sun goes down.  This is a great location to schedule a birthday party for kids.

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