Parenting Alone in Naples, Florida # 8: Swamp Buggy Races.

Swamp buggy

This number eight in my series of articles of things you can do with your children in Naples, Florida. Naples is not famous for being a child-friendly city but if you’ll peruse my various articles you’ll find plenty of things to do with your kids. So, whether you’re divorced, separated or just have the kids for the weekend, I hope these articles will be of some help to you and your family. I’m not just a divorce lawyer, I’m also a dad.

When you mention Naples, Florida to anyone you are likely to hear “Fancy Schmantz” or some derivation thereof implying that Naples is a ritzy city. It’s true, Naples is a gorgeous perfectly manicured home for the very wealthy. But, there is more to Naples than Fifth Avenue luxury.

Before Naples, Florida even had buildings on the east side of the Tamiami trail it was mostly swampland, which is not easy to move around in. Some clever Neapolitans invented the swamp buggy. Swamp buggies are vehicles modified to deal with the requirements of moving around a swamp. All swamp buggies are able to move about on dry land, shallow mud, sand, shallow water. Additionally, swamp buggies will possess one or more of the following abilities: propel itself through or over deep mud and water, drive through or over moderately dense vegetation, drive over rough terrain possibly including logs and stumps, and float in water or mud.

Naturally, having invented a moving vehicle, people soon started to race them. You can watch the races today in Naples, Florida and it makes for a fun and off-beat adventure to share with kids.

This is really a hoot to watch as all of these swamp buggies are essentially homemade. These are not precision instruments. These are fun vehicles who have to manage the many different obstacles put in front of them.

I think it’s important to expose children to different people and cultures. This might mean attending a Mexican Independence day parade, a Chinese new year celebration or a swamp buggy race. It is important to step out of your comfort zone and to show your children that is okay. If going to a swamp buggy race is in your comfort zone, even better.

Swamp buggy races are Located at the Florida Sports Park at 8520 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd, Naples, Florida. The races are typically held in the winter time when it’s acceptable to be out in the midday sun in Southwest Florida.

Note: Naples, Florida is the only place on earth that has this event. This is the truest Southwestern Florida thing you can do.

On Saturdays the tickets are $ 10 general admission. On the Sunday races (which are more competitive) the tickets are $ 17 for people ages thirteen and up and $ 8 for those aged twelve and under.

There is plenty of free parking but please be aware that it is on a field that might be better fit for swamp buggies than minivans.

There is usually barbecue and other food and drink available at the concession.

The Florida Sports park is located just 11 miles from my Naples, Florida family law office. Directions below:

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