Parenting in Naples # 6: Bounce Trampoline Sports

Last updated on April 10, 2022
Bounce Naples

This is the sixth in my series of where and how to parent alone in Naples, Florida.  Naples is not the world’s most kid-friendly city but me and my kids have been finding stuff to do and we’d like to share our discoveries.  Whether you’re divorced, separated or your spouse is just out of town for the weekend these suggestions will help turn your parenting time into quality time.

Kids need lots of activity. Running between machines at Chuck E. Cheese does not count as physical activity.  While it’s easy to take big kids for a bike ride or play sports and it’s simple to take little kids to a play place, there are not many activities where both little kids and big kids can be physical.  In Naples, especially, it is very difficult to find a time and place to get that energy out during the heat of the summertime (or the rainy summer afternoons).

I highly recommend Bounce Trampoline Sports as a way to get that energy out.  Located at Vanderbilt and Airport in Naples, Florida.

This is a massive 21,000 square foot building with interconnected trampolines.  Some trampolines are clearly more designed for little kids while others are for bigger kids.  This is clearly marked and there is staff to make sure that play is safe for the respective age groups (parents cannot jump with the little 6 and under kids)

These are not the dangerous backyard trampolines I grew up with in the 1980s.  Still, you have to sign a waiver and purchase special non-slip socks before using the facilities.

It’s not just bouncing. There is a foam pit where kids can safely jump into a bunch of foam blocks.  There’s a basketball hoop where kids and adults can jump in the air and slam dunk.  There are organized dodge ball tournaments.  There are times where the lights get turned down and lasers flash as you jump with glow sticks.  If this all sounds like too much for your littlest ones, there are also toddler times in the mornings when big kids are in school.

Bounce Trampoline Sports charges by the hour.  With each hour session starting on the half hour mark.

General admission for ages 7 and up (non-bouncers do not pay)

$16 for 60 minutes
$21 for 90 minutes
$26 for 120 minutes

General admission for ages 6 and below.

$12 for 60 minutes
$18 for 90 minutes
$20 for 120 minutes

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the price is $ 10/hour.

Wednesdays is two for one at the usual prices.

One or two hours will be plenty of time as your kids should be completely exhausted at the end of their session.

There is free wi-fi so the busy parent can catch up on their emails while the kids bounce (this is so important when you’re doing an activity where you are not directly engaging with the child)

This is a great place to organize a birthday party or special event for kids as their package prices are essentially the same as the regular prices except they throw in a free party with pizza and the non-slip socks.

There is a concession stand if you or your kids get hungry or thirsty (you will get thirsty)

Bounce Trampoline sports is located at 2320 Vanderbilt Beach Rd Naples, FL 34109 just three and a half miles from my Naples, Florida family law office.  Directions are below:

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