Parenting Alone in Naples, Florida # 22: Naples Botanical Garden

Last updated on April 10, 2022

This is number 22 in my series of articles that are written to help you find the perfect things to do that are fun for both you and your children in Naples, Florida. Whether you’re divorced or you just have your kids for the day but this series is a great list to peruse when you need to fill a day with kids and fun.

I certainly love getting out into nature and escaping from all the chaos in the real world. My children enjoy their time away from reality, too. Outdoor activities have proven to be a favorite. I find that it makes a day a lot less stressful and more peaceful.

The Gardens

If your children have a lot going on whether it’s school, personal matters or just need a break from the world, Naples Botanical Garden is the perfect place to get away for a few hours. Their mission is to develop and conserve collections and habitats in order to educate people while admiring their beauty. The Naples Botanical Garden has 9 different themed gardens inside and one preserve so there’s plenty of different things to experience during your visit. The preserve is home to nearly 300 species to date. Some of the species that have been seen are eagles, otters, tree frogs, gopher tortoises and more. During your trip to the Naples Botanical Garden, your kids will get to experience the best of nature in all different parts of the world.  The gardens are great activity to tour for all ages because of the various themed gardens for example: Irma’s Garden, Lea Asian Garden, Kapnick Brazilian Garden, Kapnick Caribbean Garden and many more. The different themed gardens encompass different cultural and spiritual atmospheres. They are inspired by different countries, people and aesthetics to create a tranquil space to explore. The most interactive garden for children would be the Smith Children’s Garden. The garden was built with children in mind and for the inner children in adults, as well. Within the garden, there are waterfalls, swamps, hammocks, chalk, a tree house, a butterfly house and more that you and the kids can discover together. You can also check out their events calendar to see the events they host each month! From yoga to Night Lights in the Garden, they have pretty awesome activities for the family to enjoy.


Open Daily 9am – 5pm
Tuesdays 8am – 5pm


Adults: $19.95
Children (4-14): $9.95
Children under 4: FREE
Members: FREE


Have the kids for the weekend and not sure where to go? The Naples Botanical garden has a great program for children! This program is available with regular Garden admission Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Through this program, kids will get to interact and participate in different activities as they explore the correlating theme that month.

September: Mangroves and Stormy Weather

October: Super Seeds

November: Little Green Thumbs

December: Tremendous Trees

January: Feathered Friends

Night Lights in The Garden: Tropical Winter Wonderland

Just in time for the holidays! The Naples Botanical Garden is hosting an event called Night Lights in the Garden where thousands of lights will fill the garden. Entertainment from local artists and snacks will be provided as you browse the beautiful display of lights and nature. They will also have performances on certain nights from Opera Naples and Naples Ballet. Naples Botanical Garden also has the Fogg Café that will be open during these hours for families who would like to dine in during the event.


6-9 p.m


December 7 – 14

Adults: $10 Members / $20 Non-Members

Children (4-14): $5 Members / $10 Non-Members

Children (3 and under): Free, ticket required

December 15 – January 3

Adults: $10 Members / $25 Non-Members

Children (4-14): $5 Members / $15 Non-Members

Children (3 and under): Free, ticket required

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