Parenting Alone in Naples, Florida # 10 Chipmunks Indoor Party

Last updated on April 10, 2022

This is number 10 in my series of articles describing places to go with kids when you have your children alone for the day. Whether you’re divorced, separated or just need an activity, these articles can give you the options you need in the not-so-kid-friendly city, Naples, Florida. I’m not just a lawyer, I’m also a dad.

Anyone who lives in North Naples, especially off of Immokalee, will notice that the demographics are much different in North Naples than the rest of Collier county. North Naples has lots of families and young children. School buses crowd the streets, the schools are overflowing, children’s activities are everywhere…but there are no play places except for Whiz Kids on Pine Ridge. During Naples’ hot summers indoor play places are absolutely necessary to get kids’ energy out.

You don’t need to confine yourself to Naples when looking for a kid-friendly activity. Just over the county line on Bonita Beach Road is Chipmunk Indoor Party at 9128 Bonita Beach Rd Se, Bonita Springs, Fl 34135.

In a very large venue in a strip mall, Chipmunk Indoor Party is an immaculately clean play place with a ball room, some blow up slides and lots of age appropriate video games.

While the age limits are 6 months to 11 years, I think you’ll find that this is an environment for 3 to 6 year olds.

Importantly, to parents, there are booths with tables set up where you can sit, work and watch your children play. Free wifi is available. You may find me working there while watching my youngest child.

I was, especially impressed with the dutifulness and attentiveness of the staff. This is obviously a family business which I am pleased to support.

Chipmunk Indoor Party Hours are:

• Monday to Thursday
10:00am – 7:00pm
• Friday – Saturday
10:00am – 7:30pm
• Sunday
12:00am – 6:00pm

The pricing to enter Chipmunk Indoor Party is:

• General Admission:
1 Kid between 6 Months – 11 y.o $ 12.00 ea. to play 2 hours
• 3 or more:
6 Months – 11 y.o $ 10.00 ea. to play 2 hours
• 2 Adults per kid free:
Additional adults is $6 ea.

Like all play places, this is a no shoes allowed venue. Everyone, parents included, must take off their shoes and wear socks.

Additionally, to keep Chipmunk Indoor Party so clean no outside food is allowed in. Food is available for sale at very reasonable prices, however.

As the name suggests, Chipmunk Indoor Party’s real focus is on hosting children’s birthday parties. The parties’ prices range from $ 279.99 to $ 459.99 depending on the size of the party and the amenities requested.

Chipmunks Indoor Party will often host special events like a Halloween party or yoga classes for children.

After your visit to Chipmunk Indoor Party you’ll find many kid-friendly restaurants along Bonita Beach Road like Perkins or Blackjack’s Pizza and Salads. Just a little down the road is Bonita Beach where the restaurants are not as upscale as restaurants along Naples’ beaches. I will often take my kids to Doc’s and play a game of Uno while waiting for a pizza.

Chipmunk Indoor Party is located just 11 miles from my Naples, Florida law office. Directions below:

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